1. General provisions.
    1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) applies to the website of the www.vilavi.co.uk online shop, located at www.vilavi.co.uk
    2. The website of the online shop www.vilavi.co.uk (hereinafter referred to as the website or the online shop) is the property of VLV Trading House Ltd.
    3. This Agreement regulates the relationship between the Administration of the www.vilavi.co.uk website (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) and the User of this website.
    4. The website administration reserves the right to change, add or delete paragraphs of this Agreement at any time without notice to the User.
    5. The User's continued use of the Site constitutes acceptance of the Agreement and the changes made to this Agreement.
    6. It is the user's personal responsibility to check this Agreement for changes to it.


  1. Definitions of terms.
    1. The following terms shall have the following meaning for the purposes of this Agreement:
      1.  www.vilavi.co.uk is an online shop under the domain name www.vilavi.co.uk, which operates through an online resource and its associated services.
      2. Online shop - A website containing information about the Goods, the Seller, enabling the selection, ordering and/or purchase of the Goods.
      3. Website Administration - authorised employees acting on behalf of Trading House "VLV" Ltd.
      4. The user of the Webshop website (the "User") is a person who accesses and uses the Websites via the Internet.
      5. The contents of the Webshop website (hereinafter the "Contents") are the protected results of intellectual activity.
  2. Subject of the agreement.
    1. The subject of this Agreement is to enable the User to purchase, for non-commercial purposes, the Goods presented in the catalogue of the Online Shop. This Agreement shall be concluded between the Buyer and the Online Shop at the time of placing an order. The Buyer confirms his consent to the terms of the Agreement by ticking the box "I agree with the rules of the shop" when placing an order.
      1. The online shop provides the following services to the User:
  • access to the search and navigation facilities of the online shop;
  • access to information about the Goods and to information about purchasing the Goods for a fee;
  • other services provided on the pages of the e-shop.
  • This Agreement shall apply to all the services of the Webshop currently in operation as well as any subsequent modifications and additional services of the Webshop arising in future.


    1. This Agreement and product information is a public offer (in accordance with Art. 435 and Art. 437(2) of the Civil Code). By accessing the Website, the User is deemed to have acceded to this Agreement.
    2. Use of the materials and services on the Site is governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.
    3. The relations between the Online Shop and the Buyer are regulated by Article 497 of the Russian Federation Federal Law № 234-FZ from 25.10.2007 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the sale of goods by distance selling, as well as the Russian Federation Law № 2300-1 from 07.02.1992 "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them.


  1. Purchase of goods.
    1. The goods are presented on the Website through sample images.
    2. Each image is accompanied by a description of the product and its price. The image of the product may differ from its actual appearance. The description of the goods is not exhaustive and may contain errors or inaccuracies.
    3. At the Buyer's request, the online shop manager shall provide (by telephone or email) other information that the Buyer considers necessary and sufficient to make a purchasing decision, and shall check the availability of the goods in stock.
    4. If the Goods ordered by the Buyer are out of stock at the Seller, the Seller has the right to exclude the said Goods from the Order or to cancel the Buyer's Order by notifying the Buyer by sending a corresponding e-mail to the address indicated by the Buyer during registration (or by calling the operator). In the event of cancellation of prepaid goods, the Seller undertakes to refund the value of the Goods paid for in the way in which it was paid for. The Buyer has the right to replace a missing product with another product that is in stock.
    5. The price indicated on the website can be changed unilaterally by the online shop.
    6. If the price of the goods ordered by the Buyer changes, the online shop manager shall inform the Buyer at the earliest opportunity (by telephone or e-mail) in order to obtain confirmation or to cancel the order. If the Buyer cannot be contacted, the order is deemed cancelled.
    7. Purchase of Goods offered on the Site may require the creation of a User account.
    8. The User is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account information, including their password, and for any and all activities undertaken on behalf of the Account User.
    9. The user must immediately notify the Site Administration of any unauthorised use of their account or password or any other breach of security.
    10. The Buyer can place an order by the following means: by e-mail to hello@vilavi.co.uk or by placing an order themselves on the Website.
    11. Once the order has been placed, an email shall be sent to the Buyer confirming acceptance of the order, indicating the items selected and the total amount of the order, which constitutes an integral part of this Agreement. The online shop manager then contacts the Buyer (by phone or email) to confirm the order.
    12. The purchaser has the right to withdraw from the goods ordered at any time before dispatching them to the purchaser, by informing the online shop in advance (by telephone or email).
    13. The purchaser has no right to refuse the ordered jewellery and return it once it has been delivered to the purchaser's address.